Our investment strategy is to acquire value add and ground up development commercial properties throughout the country by leveraging our extensive relationships with tenants, brokers and sellers.

With a focus on projects that have a total cost size between $3,000,000 up to $50,000,000, we seek properties that are priced well below replacement cost, offer a compelling, risk-adjusted yield and can be turned around within one to three years.

Each investment is underwritten individually and will be analyzed to account for potential downside risk, with a focus on both capital preservation as well as capital appreciation.


  • Investment

    We source, finance, close and reposition existing buildings to maximize their highest market potential.

  • Joint Venture

    We work with property owners to guide and manage their development or reposition through the entire design/build process.

  • Development

    We work with national and regional tenants to execute build-to-suit developments throughout the country.

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